How it all got started...

I started in the construction industry in 1970 representing prefabricated cabinets. I worked for one manufacture and two distributors till 1978. In 1974, I joined the Construction Specification Institute(CSI). I served two years as secretary to the Los Angeles Chapter CSI. When I interviewed for the position at the Ceramic Tile and Marble Institute of San Diego, I was hired because of my involvement with CSI. I worked for the Ceramic Tile and Marble Institute of San Diego from April 1978 through August 1986. I represented the tile industry in San Diego calling on the design and build communities. I worked with Architects, Specification Writers, Designers, Contractors, to promote proper and successful tile installations. During this timeframe, I served on many industry standards committees in sharing technical information.

In 1986, after closing the Ceramic Tile and Marble Institute of San Diego, I was employed by Del Piso Brick and Tile. Del Piso was a distributor for ceramic tile, brick, stone, and setting materials. My last year at Del Piso, I served as a Senior Quality Assurance Specialist. If there was a complaint about an installation, I would investigate the assembly and determine if there is a failure and the cause of the failure. On November 1, 1990, I started Forensic Tile Consultants. With my expertise in evaluating tile, brick, and stone failures, the environment was ripe in Southern California to work full time in the investigation industry. Over the past 20 years, testimony including depositions, arbitration, and court testimony, has been given on ceramic tile, brick, and stone assemblies. In addition, due to extensive moisture damaged areas in and around showers which supported mold growth, I took additional education and became a Certified Microbial Remediation Supervisor (CMRS).

Having the opportunity to expand my business, additional consultants have been used for gathering information. Don Halvorson, with an Engineering background, has been the driving force in my expansion. With his help, I have been able to be in multiple places at once and continue to provide quality service. Don Halvorson is able to assist when investigations overlap. Without his additional expertise, my business would not be where it is today. Together we have given technical presentations on moisture management in showers to over 3,500 people.

November 1, 2010, started my 21st year in the business. My expertise is a specialty niche in analyzing successful and unsuccessful installations of ceramic, brick, and stone, including showers, countertops, floors, paving, and veneer. I continued to be involved with many tile industry associations, construction trade associations, and forensic consultants and witness associations. I am currently serving on the Marble Institute of America Education Committee working toward continued education of the tile and stone industry.